Pick the best Clickfunnels Alternatives for you

Let’s Pick the Best Clickfunnels Alternatives For You

Looking for Clickfunnels Alternatives that have better suitability to your needs?

We understand it.

Clickfunnels can be too expensive, too complex for your business.

And there are many reasons for you to look for other software that might offer you better price, features or user experience than Clickfunnels.

What this Clickfunnels Alternatives Review about?

This review will compare Clickfunnels with Unbounce, Leadpages, and Instapage to give you a clear insight into alternatives in the market and guide you to pick the most suitable one for you and your business.

We will also provide you a list of lesser popular alternatives that you can conduct further research before making any decision.

Our Recommendation

In my last review of Clickfunnels vs Instapage vs Unbounce vs Leadpages, I made the following conclusion:

If you want to go for the most affordable option, choose Leadpages.

Read our Leadpages Review

If you want the most user-friendly builder and awesome flexibility, go for Unbounce.

Learn more about Unbounce with our review

If you want a tool to optimize for sale funnels or leveraging Auto-webinar or creating a course site, Clickfunnels is the choice.

Read our Clickfunnels Review

What we like about Clickfunnels

  • End Goal Oriented
  • Manage and Optimize the entire sale funnels instead of a single page
  • Their $297/m plan offers tons of features with unlimited pages and visitors.
  • They have the most active Facebook community (over 200,000 members)
  • Their Share Funnels feature make learning from those who already succeed become easy
  • They also have a range of courses and other products and services that help you succeed in your digital marketing campaign.

What we don’t like about Clickfunnels

  • The $97/m starter plan can be too expensive for small businesses.
  • They do not provide phone support to most users and can take up to a day or two to respond to your problem.
  • Their editor isn’t pixel-perfect which makes it less flexible and user-unfriendly.

Clickfunnels Alternatives Comparison

Clickfunnels vs Unbounce & Instapage

We put Unbounce and Instapage into the bracket as they share similar traits.

We generally don’t recommend Instapage because Unbounce has a similar nature as Instapage meanwhile having a lower price point.

Ease of Use: There is no doubt that Unbounce is far more user-friendly than Clickfunnels. Their Pixel perfect editor lets you drag and drop widgets anywhere you want without any constraint.

Unbounce is an userfriendly drag & drop editors which makes it a better clickfunnels alternatives

Meanwhile, Clickfunnels require you to pick a pre-structured block and place widgets into the prescribed area. You will need some extra time to get familiar with their editor and that limits the flexibility of your design.

Pricing Comparison: Clickfunnels’ plan is generally more affordable than Unbounce especially if you are a heavy user who is planning to split test a lot (need couple hundreds of landing pages)

Clickfunnels’ plan starts from $97/m which lets you create up to 100 pages.

Meanwhile, Unbounce starts from $99/m which enables you to create up to 75 pages.

For heavy users, Clickfunnels $297/m plan lets you create unlimited landing pages.

In comparison, Unbounce does not offer any unlimited package, their Enterprise plan lets you create more than 375 pages which cost you from $499/m.

Unbounce Discount: Please also note that Unbounce offers 20% discount if you bill annually.

We also helped our reader to claim another 20% off for their first 3 months if you use this portal to sign up.

Clickfunnels Discount: Clickfunnels offers up to 67% discount if you buy their bundles (annual subscription of their software, training, copywriting software and more)

You can check out the full detail of the Clickfunnels discount bundle here

Unique Features:

Here is a list of features that one is outperforming another.


  • Create Popups, Alert Bar
  • Unlimited Split Testing (create as many variations as you like)
  • Pixel Perfect Drag & Drop


  • Create Automated Webinar to drive more engagement and improve the conversion rate
  • Create a membership area for your course
  • Can easily share and clone your pages with others via a single link
  • Intense marketing and sale training provided

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages

Ease of Use: Similar editor which requires you to drop widgets into blocks with a fixed structure.

Pricing: Leadpages is offering the most affordable plan in the market. Their plan starts from $25/m if bill annually which lets you create unlimited pages.

Features: Same as Unbounce, Leadpages enables you to create popups and alert bars with their platform.

Beside that, Leadpages is generally an inferior version of Clickfunnels.

However, their affordable plans make it an appealing option to small business who has a really limited budget and doesn’t put online marketing and sale into their focus.

Other Clickfunnels Alternatives

Here is a list of Clickfunnels Alternatives that you may consider.

However, we have never tried the following option and therefore unable to provide you in-depth advice on each of them.

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