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Dotcom secrets book from russell brunson

Selling products online can be a headache to lots of small and medium-size business owner. Your sales strategies that worked well by traditional mean may work horribly in the online world.

Are you struggling to make your online marketing campaign work for you?

People get distracted easily by all those pop-up and notifications.

It’s hard to capture their attention.

They don’t trust you.

People tend to procrastinate.

And the list goes on…

People behave differently in the online world.

And that’s why we need a different strategy.

There must be some sort of strategies and art of selling stuff online.

And that’s what the Dotcom Secrets Book about.

I got my Dotcom Secrets Book a month ago after watching a Youtube video from Russell Brunson which he explained the mind-blowing concept of sale funnel and how businesses can take advantage of that.

After finishing my reading, I decided to write a review to share what I have learnt from this free printed book written by Russell Brunson.

What this book about?

The Dotcom Secrets Book explained how to overcome 4 of the common issues a lot of business owners are having when they try to sell their product or service online:

  • Identifying your ideal customers online
  • Converting visitors into paying customers
  • Increase your customers’ lifetime value
  • Building high converting sale funnels that can help you achieve all the goals above.

Unlike most other books and articles online, this book shares actionable advice and strategies that you can implement into your business today.

The book is filled with examples and stories of Russell’s own business. He uncovered his business secrets and explained the logic and rationale behind his marketing campaigns.

The book comes with 5 sections with the first 4 sections addressing each of the issues mentioned above and the final section introducing the software that Russell Brunson co-created which is Clickfunnels (a software that helps business owners to build sale funnels to convert their visitors into customers, increasing average order value and more)

You can read my Review of Clickfunnels for more info about this tool.

Section 1 – Value Ladder and Funnels

This section introduces you to the concept of value ladder (a ladder that visualizes all the potential products and services you can offer to your customers.

Russell explained the reason why most businesses failed to convert their visitors because they don’t have a sophisticated procedure to communicate and build trust with their audiences.

We all want our client taking our most profitable offer. But those offers are typically a lot more challenging converting when they know nothing about you.

With a value ladder, you can begin the customer journey with offers that people are typically more comfortable to say yes such as products at a lower price point or even a free service.

He used the example of dentistry business to explain the whole concept in simple way.

A dentist can offer free oral health inspection service which will help them identify some potential treatments for their customers (e.g. teeth whitening and cosmetics).

By offering value and lower end offer upfront, it helps a business to build trust with their customers and customers are a lot more likely to take your suggestion and other offers.

Section 2 – Communication

This section teaches you how to build an Attractive Character for your business – A persona that you are sharing with your audience and the way you communicate with them.

An attractive character will help your audiences resonate with your offer and engage with your messages.

You need 4 elements to form an attractive character which are:

  • A fascinating backstory
  • Speak in parables
  • Flaws that make you approachable
  • The polarity that makes you stand out

Section 3 – Funnelology

The third section is all about the strategies in building a successful funnel.

Most of your website visitors won’t say yes to your offer for the first time. It takes time to nurture your audience, building trust and rapport before they take your offer.

The book introduces sequences of messages and funnels that you can use to transform your visitors from knowing nothing about you to eventually become your paying customers.

One thing that Russell emphasized is that you should avoid reinventing the wheel at the very beginning. Do your competitor research, find people and companies that have already found success.

You should spy on them, reverse engineer their success when creating your own sale funnels.

Section 4 – Funnels and Scripts

This is the most exciting part of this book. Russell shares 7 of his funnels that he used for different offers such as Webinar, Free Plus Shipping and Product Launch.

He explained the rationale behind each of those strategies. By learning those life examples, it helps you understand the whole sale-funnels concept in a more comprehensive way.

The free plus shipping is the exact strategy that he uses to sell this Dotcom Secrets book.

Section 5 – Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a software that Russell cofounded to help business owners in building high converting sale funnels with ease.

The software was built on the concepts he explained from the previous sections.

In fact, the Dotcom Secrets book is the beginning of Russell’s Sale Funnel to educate his audience and create demand for his software.

It will be a huge challenge to convert his visitor if he has to promote Clickfunnels as an upfront offer.

Because people would not understand why they need the software without prior education.

But once they are educated, they will start appreciating this very software.

Final Thought

I really enjoyed reading this little playbook as it filled with many engaging stories and life examples that simplify a bunch of complex concepts that you need to become successful in the online space.

If you need to grow your business online and don’t know where to begin your journey, the Dotcom Secrets Book will be a good starting point. I highly recommend you to grab a copy of this book.

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