e-Mail Marketing without leads for small business

Why you should be using email marketing

  • Firstly, It costs so much Cheaper compare with paid media, using our strategy you can send up to 700,000 emails to your targetted audience with a budget of $147 first month and $20 monthly after that. Meanwhile, it could easily cost you >$5000 when using Facebook ad ( Median CPM was $8.20 during 2018 Q3)
  • Your audience is more likely to take action compare an ad on social media.

Here is some general statistic for a targeted cold email campaign:

  • average open rate 18.5%,
  • conversion rate >2%.

Cold email can potentially have a higher conversion rate than social media and other organic channels because people who check their email tend to be less distracted from your competitor’s offer, funny videos and more likely to take action than when they are browsing Facebook and other social media platform.

Why email marketing is so underrated among small business

Many experts have been talking about how powerful email marketing in converting leads into paying customer. However, the #1 issue for most small business owner has: they don’t have enough leads in the first place. (too much effort when you are having a small list of leads. That is why email marketing has been one of the most underrated marketing channels for eCommerce and small business owner.

So how can we make use of email marketing when we don’t even have leads?

Some people may recommend you buying a list of emails from some agency but it can easily cost you thousands dollar for a small list of 1000s email and there is no guarantee the quality of those email.

Our Solution and what you need for this strategy


$127 one time cost for email extractor

$20 Monthly for the mass email sender

What this strategy can bring in to your business

Generate an email list of relevant audience and send over 700,000 emails monthly to these potential customers

What you need

  • An email extractor to collect relevant emails for our email campaign. There is no point for sending email to people who are unlikely to be interested with your offer (you are just wasting your time and spamming people, so targeted email list is the first key for this strategy to succeed.

How it works? Step by Step

  • Use email extractor Mailbiz to extract relevant email from Facebook pages or groups. For example, if you are a handmade Jewellery maker who is running an Etsy or e-commerce website. You can target some big groups of Jewellery buy sell group.
  • The application will help you scan the profile of the members and extract their email within the group. (Please note that only members who have set their email address available for the public will be extracted.
  • In our experience around 6.1% of the profile which means you can expect to get around 61 relevant emails in a group of 1000
  • Try looking for a larger size group/page (>10,000 members or combine multiple pages and groups for scraping)
  • Create an appealing offer and message to capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Send out your offer and message with an email campaign manager to generate leads and sales
  • Track your result, A/B testing your offer and message.
  • Optimize your message and landing page to improve your conversion rate.

Get the email extractor here

Get the email mass sender here

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