Gain 100+ Followers with Instagram Automation

What is Instagram Automation?

Using automation application to gain real people’s attention through auto-following and likes, repost viral content, post scheduling, etc…

It helps you reach targeted audiences organically at a very cheap cost. Easily reach over 40,000 + targetted audience monthly and 100+ Followers Daily with a cost of $39 monthly. (Compare with Facebook ad which can easily cost you couple hundreds dollar to achieve the same result)


$39 Monthly Subscription for the required application


Generate Brand awareness of 40,000 targetted audience monthly & 100 new followers daily

Who this for?

Small Business owner whether you own an eCommerce Store, Etsy or a brick and mortar store who can’t spend thousand dollars monthly for marketing. It is one of the cheapest ways to grow your brand organically, generate sales and build loyal followings.

Why Instagram Automation

With the increasing cost of Facebook, Google and other PPC ad platform, It becomes a lot more difficult to generate profitable income with paid advertising. Instagram automation application cost you around 1/10 of the cost of Facebook ad to achieve a similar result, therefore, more budget-friendly for small eCommerce owner who cannot afford expensive paid marketing cost. Also, with the intense competition in Instagram, posting “good content” and using the right hashtag cannot help you to stand out. Because there are millions of pages posting engaging content every single hour.

How it works

1. Social Captain one of the Most Effective Automation Application for Instagram capture your target audience’s attention through following followers of target source such as a big page in a related niche of your business. If you are running a business selling product with animal design, you can target an animal page which has followers who are passionate about animal.

Follower of Natgeo

2. When people are being followed, Instagram will send them a notification where most people would be curious about their new followers and check out your page profile.

Untitled design (10)

3. If your profile captures their interest, they will follow your page and even visit your website. In my experience. My follow back ratio (% of people I followed end up following my page) fall around 10~20% it depends on your niche; you should aim for ~13% as your benchmark.

4. Continual posting engaging contents and your product/ service offer to turn them from followers to your loyal customer.

What the software can do

  • Gain new followers, engagements and potential customer through auto-following your target audience
  • Complete reporting feature, analyze your results and your account in real time
  • Using artificial intelligence to optimize your campaign to maximize your exposure, engagement. No extra work is needed.
  • 2 minutes simple setup, we know how busy a small business owner can be. We won’t expect you to spend hours or months to learn some complicated method

Get Started!

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