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Instapage Review: Create & Optimize Landing Pages Fast

Landing page optimization is a crucial part of your marketing campaign. It can improve your ROI and help you sell your products or generate lead more effectively. This Instapage review will reveal you everything you need to know about Instapage as one of the many landing page optimization software out there before making a decision.

Instapage is a cloud base software that helps you build landing pages without any knowledge about coding. You can design and create any type of landing page by simply drag & drop and using their provided templates.

It is geared towards making conversion-optimized squeeze pages, lead capture pages, webinars and more.

Some highlighted features of Instapage:

  • 200+ optimized pre-made templates – So you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • An easy to use drag & drop editor – Help you design and create landing pages without learning to code or hiring a web developer.
  • Conversion Optimized widget such as count down timer, Call to Action and more – Boost your conversion rate.
  • Analytics and Optimization – Access to Heatmaps, Split Testing and Analytics Dashboard to optimize your page for conversion.
  • Direct Access to Bigstock Images – It makes inserting stock images easy and efficient.
  • Automatic Asset Delivery – Automatically handle asset delivery such as e-book and lead magnets.
  • Simple integration with popular email autoresponders.
  • Free hosting for your pages on their servers
  • Mobile responsive design that optimizes user experience on any browser and devices.
  • AMP Support – Build accelerated mobile pages with drag & drop

Who is this Instapage Review written to?

This Instapage Review is written to business owners or marketers who would like to create conversion-optimized landing pages for their marketing campaign.

You are not planning to design a landing page once and for all.

Instead, you are looking for a simple solution that helps you build, test, optimize and assemble the best landing page for your target audience.

If you are dedicated to put in effort in improving your landing page base on analytics.

Instapage could your business solution.

This Instapage Review will show you some key features of Instapage, how it works for your business, what I like and dislike about the software.

Why bother using expensive software like Instapage?

Conversion Optimization is really critical these days as the online world has become so competitive.

Paid advertising is becoming more expensive every year, organic reach has declined in most matured social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

Being able to push out landing page quickly and optimize it with split testing, heatmaps will make you one step ahead of your competitors and achieving better ROI for your campaign.

The benefits of this type of landing page optimization software are more visible when you are spending your budget on a paid advertising campaign.

A small jump in conversion rate can make millions difference in revenue.

You can definitely build out landing pages with some cheaper software or with the website builder you are currently using for your website.

However, to optimize your landing page for results you would end up having to install other plugins which would end up being cumbersome and more expensive than using Instapage alone.


Value for Money⭐⭐⭐
Ease of Use⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer Service⭐⭐⭐⭐

Instapage Review and Walkthrough

Let’s go through how to use Instapage for your business and what makes it amazing.

This walkthrough will cover how to build your very first landing page with Instapage and conduct optimization with Analytics, Split Testing, and Heatmaps.

Building your First Landing Page

After you log in to your Instapage dashboard, you will see a list of landing pages you have created previously.

Create a new landing page with the blue button
Create a new landing page

From here, you will see a blue button that let you create a new landing page which gives you the option to choose between a standard page, an AMP Page or upload an Instapage file.

AMP pages are pages for mobile that are designed to load very fast for optimizing user experience.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the Enterprise feature of Instapage.

For this tutorial, we will start by creating a standard page.

From here, you will see a list of templates available to use so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Instapage has pre-made templates that are optimized for:

  • Lead capturing
  • Webinar
  • E-book
  • Event
  • App Install
Pick a template to work with. You can filter templates base on your objective.
Pick a template to work with. You can filter templates base on your objective.

Check the relevant category and find a template to start with.

The most user-friendly drag & drop editor

Unlike Instapage, most landing page software in the market do not support pixel-precise flexibility when it comes to placing and moving widgets in the design process.

Most other landing page editors allow you to insert widget within a fixed structure of the block and row.

This limit what you can do and become a headache.

However, with Instapage you can place widgets wherever you want which give you amazing flexibility and you can fully exploit your creativity without any constraint.

Look at how easy it is to use the Instapage editor for designing landing pages. You can literally drop widgets into anywhere without any constraint.
Look at how easy it is to use the Instapage editor for designing landing pages. You can literally drop widgets into anywhere without any constraint.

The editor allows you to add the following elements into your design:

  • Heading & Paragraphs
  • Image
  • Video
  • Forms
  • Button
  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Countdown Timer
  • Instablocks


The Instablock feature let you design and save custom blocks and use them across multiple pages.
The Instablock feature let you save and reuse your custom block across pages without creating the same message from scratch.

The Instablocks feature lets you add pre-made blocks such as pricing table, testimonials into your design.

It also enables you to save custom blocks and reuse them in other landing pages as needed.

So that you can efficiently add header, footer or other elements across multiple pages.

Read Full features of Instablock


Building a landing page is easy but optimizing it is what set apart a great marketer and a mediocre one.

Analytics Dashboard

Access to the analytics dashboard via the main dashboard
Click the little icon next to the respective landing page to read analytics report

Access the Analytics Dashboard via your main Dashboard

The report show you some key metrics such as conversion, conversion rate and visitors by default.

By default, the dashboard will show you metrics such as visitors, conversion rate.

You can easily switch reports from different pages and use filters to select date range.

Filter the report with date range to compare performance across different period of time

You can also compare results between visitors by device and organic traffic vs paid traffic.

You can filter the report by visitors type, devices and traffic source.

The performance graph tells you the statistics of visitors, conversion and conversion rate across your selected date range.

Compare result across different period of time

Split Testing

Advance Analytics Dashboard from Instapage

Testing variation of landing pages is the most crucial part in optimizing for conversion. It allows you to improve conversion rate drastically.

Create a split test with this button

You can create variation within the landing page builder control panel.

For starter, create at least 3 variations for testing.

Compare results of different variation with the Performance by Variation graph

The Performance by Variation graph inside the Analytics Dashboard compares the results of variations to determine your winner.


Use Heatmaps feature in Instapage to understand your audience and optimize your design for conversion.

One feature that set apart Instapage from its competitors is their Heatmaps feature that let you track mouse movements and clicks.

It enables you to know what is working, which part of your landing page is taking the attention of your audience and idea on how you can improve your landing page for conversion.

Dynamic Text

Instapage also let you personalize your landing page with Dynamic Text to match your message base on demographics, keywords, and Intent.

A personalized landing page helps reduce bounce rate and improve conversion rate.

How much does Instapage cost?

Instapage currently offers 2 plans at the moment.

The Core Plan which cost $129 monthly or $99 monthly if billed annually.

The Pricing of the Enterprise plan is customized for your unique needs.

Compare the 2 pricing plans of Instapage

The key benefits of the Enterprise Plan:

  • Enable Real-time collaboration – Streamlined workflow to improve teamwork efficiency.
  • Brand Compliance – Unlock the Global Block feature to update header, footer or testimonial of your landing pages with a single click.
  • Build AMP Pages – Amplify your mobile user experience and conversion.
  • Supported by a dedicated representative – Help you with custom coding, page migration, design and more.

Read the full features here.

What I like about Instapage

  • Their split test editor provides many customizations and the platform enables you to create variation fast. 
  • They have the most user-friendly editor, It’s as easy as using Canva for creating designs.
  • Lots of designed template to start with and don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Their analytics dashboard and heatmaps make it possible to analyze statistical relevance effortlessly.

What I don’t like about Instapage

  • A bit pricey compared with other alternatives in the market.
  • Customer service response time can be improved.
  • To resize images, I had to return to the desktop editor to regenerate the mobile page. 
  • The Instapage Interface is designed with a minimalistic style which mainly composed of black and white. It makes the platform a bit dull for me.

Any discount or good deals?

Instapage currently does not offer any discount code or bundles.

The only discount they offer is the 23% discount when you pay the bill annually.

Limitation of this Instapage Review

SaaS company grow drastically compare with other industry.

Instapage has added new features and alters its pricing plans multiple times in recent years.

Therefore, this review does not guarantee written with the latest feature and pricing of Instapage.

This Instapage Review was last updated on 18th August 2019

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