Read this Leadpages review before deciding to use this software or not. In this Leadpages review, we will go through some of the features, Pros & Cons and Alternatives of this software to guide you in choosing the best landing page builder for your business or website

Leadpages Review, Pricing – Any better Alternatives?

Are you looking for a simple solution to build highly customized and optimized landing pages for your marketing campaign? Check out this Leadpages Review to learn whether this software a good fit for your business.

In this Leadpages Review, I will share my experience, some highlight-worthy features of Leadpages.

Who should read this Leadpages Review

Landing page builders are extremely helpful when it comes to paid advertising.

A small jump in conversion rate can help you improve ROI drastically.

This type of software suit to marketers or business owners who are looking for a simple solution to design, build, test and optimize landing pages of their marketing campaign.

They help you achieve the best result if you are committed to split testing, analyzing results and make optimization.

If you are considering what landing page software is the best fit for your business, you have come into the right place.

In this Leadpages Review, we will also introduce you some alternatives to guide you in choosing the best option out of the many alternatives out there in the market.

Overview of Leadpages

Overall ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Features ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Value for Money ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Ease of Use ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Customer Service ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

What I like about Leadpages

  • It is one of the most affordable (from $25) landing page optimization software in the market. Most other alternatives are charging almost a double of what Leadpages charging.
  • They support many features that other competitors aren’t offering such as creating Popups, Alert Bar, and Conversion Best Practice Checker.

What I don’t like about Leadpages

  • In terms of ease of use, Leadpages is not that user-friendly when you want to create your landing pages from scratch instead of using their templates. It takes time to get comfortable with their structures and layout. It also does not support free-form drag & drop like what Instapage does.
  • Phone support is only available to Advanced Plan (from $199) Customers
  • Their checkout feature support Stripe only.

Key Features & Benefit of Leadpages

Drag & Drop Landing Page Editor – You don’t have to know anything about coding or hiring an expensive web developer

170+ Premade Template – Don’t worry about web design and starting from scratch.

Free Hosting – Make your Landing Pages live without the need of any complex work

Analytics Dashboard – Easy Integrate with Google Analytics and other 3rd parties Analytics plugin

Software Integration – Easily connect your marketing software to Leadpages

Easy Split Testing – effortlessly duplicate and split test your landing pages

Conversion Optimization widgets such as Pop-ups, Alert Bar, Opt-in Text and Trigger Links

Conversion Best Practices Checker – Check and remind you best practices for conversion during your editing.

Digital Asset Fulfilment – Deliver your lead magnet automatically

You can learn about full features here

Leadpages Review & Walkthrough

Leadpages provide you lots of pre-made templates that you can pick base on specific objectives.

Templates designed with Specific goal

Sorting premade templates base on your objectives such as Sales, Lead Captures, Thank you and more.
Choose templates base on your goals

They really make things really simple for you to start.

You can also sort their templates base on industries such as agency, eCommerce and Finance.

By default, templates are sorted base on their conversion rate.

You ask where did they get those data?

With over 50,000 customers worldwide, Leadpages has a handful of insight to help you pick the best template base on existing data and your goal.

You can view their full list of templates here.

Drag & Drop Editor

The Layout of Leadpages Drag & Drop Editor
Key elements of Leadpages Drag & Drop Landing Page Editor

Let’s have an inside look of their landing page editor.

There are 4 sections inside their editors which are Layout, Widgets, Styles, and Tracking.

–Layout: Manage layout, padding, sections and more…

–Widgets: Insert media {image, text, video) or functional objects (opt-in, checkout form,etc)

–Styles: Manage font, background, and design.

–Tracking: Enable you to set up some basic SEO setting such as meta title, tracking and integrate with third-party analytics such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

A rich collection of widgets

Widgets and Features of Leadpages
Some of the widgets that are available inside Leadpages editor

They have a long list of widgets that you can use by simply dragging them into your landing pages.

Some noteworthy widgets include:

OpenTable: For service reservation. A fantastic feature to have for restaurant & hospitality business owners

Calendly: embed Scheduling Pages of your event. You can use this feature to enable your customer to book a phone call or schedule a meeting automatically.

Checkout: Add checkout inside your landing page rather than redirecting your audience to checkout page. The more pages your audience have to go through the more likely they drop out your funnel.

Urgency Features: Add countdown and progress bar to help you improve the conversion rate with a sense of urgency.

Creating Pop-ups with Advanced Features

Creating Pop-ups inside Leadpages

Beside landing pages, you can create pop-ups with Leadpages as well.

Pop-ups can be trigger with delay, exit intent and other behaviours from your user.

They support some unique features such as triggering pop-up when a button is clicked and disable pop-up to recurring visitors.

Moreover, you can show a unique pop up to visitors who have visited the same page twice. You can encourage them to bookmark the page or subscribe to your list since they have shown interest to your website.

Create Alert Bar

Creating Alert Bar with Leadpages

Alert bar comes in handy for collecting emails and making an announcement.

Whether you are using it for generating leads, informing your customer of seasonal discounts or bring awareness to your new policy, the alert bar is a good solution without disturbing your visitors like what pop-ups do.

Invite your audience to opt-in with text messages

Use Opt-in text in your promotional event to capture lead with SMS
Use the Opt-in Text feature to capture Lead with SMS

The Opt-in text feature enables you to collect email through text messages. Your customers can opt-in your email list by simply texting you a code.

This function makes collecting email extremely efficient when you are holding a promotional event. Your audiences do not have to submit a form via your website.

This image show you how to set up the opt-in text features in Leadpages
Simple setup for the opt-in text features

Conversion best practice checker

Use this conversion best practice checker to guide your design for your landing pages. Optimizae your landing pages base on common best practice rather than following your emotion.

It is easy to get lost when designing a landing page. The biggest mistake that many beginners committed is being obsessed to create a fancy landing page that looks nice but isn’t optimized for conversion.

If you have used any On-page SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, this tool functions similar to help you construct your page for your goal rather than following with your emotion.

The tool proofreads your copy & design and sees whether you are complying with the best practice for conversion optimization.

Split Testing

Analytics Dashboard with split testing result

Leadpages support split testing feature like the other landing page application. You can duplicate your existing landing page and make variations for testing.

Lead Magnet Delivery

Upload your digital asset to the Leadpages' Lead Magnet delivery system for auto delivering your asset to new opt-in

You can upload your digital asset to the Lead Magnet Delivery System with a maximum size up to 250mb.

Once you completed uploading your digital asset to their system. You can set up your form in any landing page for auto-delivering your lead magnet to your new opt-in.

Creating a stand-alone website with Leadpages

Some website templates available in Leadpages

Most Landing Page Optimization Applications intend to create landing pages optimized for marketing campaigns with a specific goal rather than building a stand-alone website.

However, Lead Pages provides a range of website templates that you can use to construct your website.

These templates are handy when you are looking for creating a website with less than 20 pages.

With that, you can replace your content management software with Leadpages.

Check out all of their website templates here

Timing Control

Timing control function inside the landing page editor of Leadpages

You can also control the timing of specific content to appear with the timing control feature inside the layout tab.

One popular use of this feature is to delay the appearance of Call to Action to make sure your audience finish watching your video before proceeding to the next page.

Which help reduce cart abandon rate and refund rate.

How much does Leadpages Cost?

The monthly cost of Leadpages starts from $37 to $321.

Leadpages pricing plans for monthly subscription

However, If you subscribe to their service annually you will get up to 39% off plus a free domain.

Leadpages pricing plans for annual subsription

Standard Plan (from $25 to $37 monthly)

  • Hosting 1 Website
  • Unlimited Landing Pages, Pop-ups, Alert Bar
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • All landing page & website template
  • customer support (email)

Pro Plan (from $48 to $79 monthly)

  • All Standard Plan Features
  • Hosting up to 3 websites
  • Unlimited Split Testing
  • Opt-in Text Campaign
  • Online Sales & Digital Asset Delivery

Advanced Plan (from $199 to $321 monthly)

  • All Pro Plan Features
  • Hosting up to 50 websites
  • 1-on-1 quick call
  • Share access with team and clients

Read the full features of each pricing plans

What makes Leadpages better than its competitor

  • You can replace your entire website with Leadpages rather than using Leadpages as an add-on.
  • Their pricing is far more affordable
  • Supporting Opt-in Text campaign, make collecting leads through promotional events a lot more efficient.
  • Conversion Best Practice checker is a unique feature from Leadpages that makes a good guide for conversion optimization.
  • Easily create Pop-ups and Alert Bar without leaving the platform.

Limitation of this Leadpages Review

Leadpages have been growing rapidly and updated new features and their pricing plan.

Therefore, this review may not reflect the latest change and pricing of Leadpages.

If you found any information in this article not being up to date, feel free to contact us via

Last Updated: 2 September 2019

Any Good deals & Discount Available?

Leadpages currently do not offer any discount or gift code. The best way to save your cost would be subscribing their plan annually which save you up to 39%

Background of Leadpages

Leadpages enables small business owners and marketers to effortlessly publish web pages, generating leads, and transform visitors into customers.

From landing pages to marketing campaigns, Leadpages helps you design, publish, split-test and optimize your landing pages.

This company is trusted by over 45,000 users.

Does this Leadpages Review clarify your doubt?

Let us know in the comment section below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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