Read this Udimi Review before spending a fortune on this platform

Udimi Review, Pricing & Walkthrough

Have you heard about people talking about the great result they get from running Udimi Solo Ads?

What about learning some dark sides of Udimi before spending a fortune on this platform?

This Review of Udimi provides you every detail about buying solo ads on this platform and how to avoid being scammed by dishonest vendors.

Solo Ads can be a great way to generate cheap traffic to your funnel if being done right.

However, there are a few dishonest players leveraging this intransparent market for their own good.

Udimi is one of the most well-known marketplaces for buying and selling solo ads.

The great thing about this platform is its capability to provide transparent information, ratings about the solo ads vendor and click filter to exclude clicks from duplicated or suspicious sources.

Which mean you can buy solo ads from a trustworthy 3rd party and being protected from scammers.

In this Udimi Review, I will uncover some dishonest conducts from shady vendors, how you can avoid being scammed, identifying the ideal vendor and full walkthrough of using this platform.

Who is this Udimi Review written to?

Business owners and marketers who are looking for a trustworthy source to place solo ad order.

You have a lead capture funnel readied for maximizing your result.

You are building a business in the make money online, business opportunity, investing, multi-level marketing or affiliate marketing niche.

Most vendors have an email list within the above niches. Therefore, you may found Udimi not the ideal place for your business if you are not within those niches.

Limitation of this Udimi Review

I have spent only a small budget of $1,000 into Udimi. Therefore, this Udimi review is subjected to small sample bias.

However, I have done research in multiple of Facebook groups to learn about other’s experience with Udimi and I jump into conclusion that Udimi could not prevent shady vendors from advertising on their platform, but they do have systems in place to provide buyers refund if things are not being done right.

Dodgy behaviour of Udimi Vendors and Limitation of this platform

Stolen Emails

Some vendors use black hat marketing software to generate subscribers for your landing page with stolen emails.

These stolen emails can be gotten in many ways but regardless of their source they will unlikely to open your email or even report you as spam. Obviously, they will never buy from you.


Udimi cannot guarantee your vendor will be using your provided message to generate clicks. Since you are being charged base on clicks, your vendor may use clickbait to improve click-through rate to your landing page.

Consequently, low-quality clicks coming into your funnel and result in lower conversion rates.

Email Flipping

Some vendors also buy solo ads within the platform which mean multiple vendors may have similar emails in their list and these emails are heavily spammed with offers every day.

These audiences are more likely to be distracted with other shiny objects and you could get duplicated visitors when you are using the Udimi platform.

Seller rating and buyer rating of an Udimi user.
This vendor has purchased leads from the Udimi Platform for more than 36 times.

How to tell if you are being scammed

Here are some signals that you need to beware.

However, keep that in mind solo ad is barely one of the many advertising channels in the online world.

No advertising channel can guarantee you any result. Your offer and sale strategies play the most crucial part of your success.

High Opt-in Rate

As we mentioned above, some vendors may use black hat marketing software to generate subscribers with stolen emails.

If you have gotten a “too good to be true” opt-in rate, make sure to pay attention to the open rate of this traffic source.

Low Double Opt-in Rate & Open Rate

When you get stolen emails subscribe into your email list, you will see low open rate and double opt-in rate. Since the owners of these emails never consent to hearing from you.

Moral of the story

Udimi could not vet out shady vendors from their platform completely.

However, they do value their reputation and willing to provide refunds when suspicious traffic was sent.

Many buyers reported that Udimi is happy to provide a refund if you can provide evidence.

At the end of the day, these shady vendors do not represent the whole community. Don’t let this discourage you from using this platform. It’s all about conducting proper due diligence and testing.

How to avoid being scammed?

Double Opt-in

Using double opt-in is the best way to ensure the quality of subscribers and avoid falling victim to stolen emails subscription.

If you get lots of new subscribers but little to none confirming their subscription, this will serve great evidence for claiming refunds.

Segment subscribers and monitor open rate

Always segment your subscribers to maintain a healthy email open rate which will eventually improve your deliverability in the long term.

Use an email autoresponder such as ConvertKit that provides audience segmenting feature.

Click Tracking

At the end of the day, you don’t want to rely on Udimi for all the click tracking as they subject to conflict of interest.

I recommend using Clickmagick to monitor your traffic.

Due Diligence

Firstly, Conduct due diligence on vendors with some available metrics on the platform which I will explain below in the Full Walkthrough Section.

Secondly, ask vendors to explain the source of their list and have them show you their lead capture pages.

Any legitimate vendor should have a proper strategy in building their list. If they cannot provide those proofs comfortably, proceed with caution.

Thirdly, make sure to check is there any refund being made recently and check out the reviews from those refunded buyers. Make sure to avoid buying from vendors who have a long list of refunded buyers.

Reviews from refunded buyer at Udimi
Review of refunded buyers is available at the “Filtered review” session

Udimi Pricing: How much does it cost on average for a solo ad campaign

Udimi is a platform that charges you based on numbers of click and cost per click.

The cost per click varies between vendors within the range of $0.40 to $0.95.

The minimum amount of click you can order is 50.

However, the vendor can set minimum amounts of click for each order. Most vendors have an average of 100 to 125 as their minimum order.

On top of that, Udimi has a mandatory filter that helps you filter out low-quality clicks which I will be explaining that later in this article. The base filter costs you $0.03 per click.

They also have a few optional filters that help you optimize your campaigns such as Top 6 countries filter and laptop only filter which cost you $0.10 additionally per click.

Let say you order 100 clicks from a vendor charging you $0.40 per click + base filter $0.03 per clicks.

Your minimum cost for a typical solo ad campaign will be $43.

Full Walkthrough of Udimi

Picking the ideal vendor

Picking the right vendor is the most crucial factor for your solo ad campaign success. Udimi makes it really easy to categorize vendor base on many crucial metrics. I have explained some qualitative factors to consider above, this section will focus on quantitative factors instead.

udimi review - sort vendor base on different metrics
sorts vendor base on metrics

After logging into your account, you can access the vendor dashboard where you can find metrics about their performance.

You have access to information such as the price per click and rating of vendors to identify your ideal solo ad vendor.

Key metrics you should be looking at:

  • Price: price per click (you only get charged for click instead of impression)
  • Got Sales: Percentage of buyer who reports getting sales from the ad campaign
  • Ratings: Number of positive reviews
  • Percent of repeat orders: This metrics can only be accessed in the vendor’s profile page.

How to pick a vendor to collaborate

Positive Ratings

Pick a vendor with at least 100 positive ratings since it indicates that the vendor has been actively engaged in the solo ads marketplace.


The price per click is the most important metric we care about.

Who doesn’t like cheaper clicks however cheaper click typically indicate the vendor has less recognition within the market.

Therefore, we need to dig deep into other metrics before we make any decision.

You can start with filtering vendors with at least 20% “Got Sale rate” which will help you identify vendors who have been reported generating sales for buyers.

Using this approach, I can still identify multiple vendors who are offering less than 50 cents per click.

Placing your first order

udimi review - placing your first order with the add to cart interface

Once you have identified a vendor, you can place your solo ads order under their profile.

You can choose the number of visitors (unique clicks) you would like to order.

Most vendors have a minimum order from 50~125 clicks.

At the right-hand top corner you can pick the date you would like to get the campaign started.

Below the visitor option, there are 5 filters:

Base Filter

The Udimi standard filters that help filter out duplicated, junk clicks from vendors.

Such as visitors that bounce within 3 seconds, outdated browsers, computers that are unable to load your landing page properly and likely traffic exchange.

screenshot of base filter performance
Screenshot of base filter

Prime Filter

An advanced filter that Udimi claimed would have improved traffic quality by 34%.

In my experience, it filtered approximately 5% of clicks on top of the base filter.

You can obtain this filter service by adding the filter in your order which would cost you $0.03 more per visitors ordered or subscribe to the Udimi prime membership which cost $19 monthly.

Only Top Tier Filter

Cost $0.10 more per click.

You will only get visitors from Top Countries: United State, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

However, most of the vendors on Udimi typically have more than 90% subscriber from top countries which make this filter a bit expensive considering it brings very little improvement but costing $0.10 more per visitors.

Only Mobile

Quite self-explanatory

It cost $0.10 more per visitors. I don’t see any merit from using this filter and hence not recommended.

No Mobile

You will only get visitors who are using laptop computers.

It is a considerable filter if your site is mobile unfriendly or you would like to improve the conversion rate of your campaign.

Laptop traffic typically has a higher conversion rate since the users typically are more committed to decision-making compared with mobile traffic.

Base on my experience, 95% of the clicks would typically come from mobile traffic.

Considering laptop traffics typically yield a higher conversion rate, the $0.10 extra cost per click can be justified.

Please note that some suppliers do not accept orders with “No Mobile” filters.

Before placing an order, you should communicate with your vendor for clarification.

Crafting a message that attracts high-quality clicks

Since we are being charged base on cost per click, we would like to get higher quality clicks rather than improving click-through rate.

We don’t want curious clicks, we want clicks from people who are prepared to take action.

Here are some tips that will help you attract higher quality clicks:

  • Avoid Click-bait subject
  • Be upfront with your offer in the body. Provide as much information as possible (price, the offer, etc…).
  • Only one link in the body

Performance Tracking

Tracking performance of your campaign by declaring respective links into landing page, subscribed or purchased page
Tracking performance of your campaign

You can track the performance of your funnels in the opt-in tracking dashboard.

You can define pages as “Subscribed” and “Bought” to track your opt-in rate and sale conversion rate to split test different funnels and strategies.

Conclusion of this Udimi Review

Udimi is a reliable platform to buy solo ads. Although It could not guarantee the legitimacy of every vendor, they have a solid system to protect buyers and willing to refund buyers when they are being mistreated.

Therefore, It is my most trusted place to buy solo ads.

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Does this Udimi Review clarify your doubt?

I hope this Udimi Review clarified your doubt with this platform. If not, feel free to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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