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Unbounce Review – Is it for you?

Are you deciding what Landing Page Optimization application for your business? This Unbounce Review will help you learn more about Unbounce, its suitability, and alternatives that might make a better choice.

What are we looking at in this Unbounce Review

Our goal in this review is to provide you our experience using Unbounce to create and optimize landing pages.

Firstly, I will go through why we started using Unbounce and then I’ll explain what we like and dislike about Unbounce.

I’ll also walk you through four key tasks that we managed with Unbounce:

  1. Design and Creating our landing pages
  2. Running our first Split test in Unbounce
  3. Analyze our result and optimize
  4. Using popups & sticky bars

This will provide you examples of what Unbounce can offer to your business and how you can make the most from it.

Overview of Unbounce

What I like

  • Design and build landing pages fast
  • Quickly duplicate and create variants for split testing
  • Highly customizable
  • Extreme User-friendly with their pixel precise drag & drop editor

What I dislike

  • The amount of landing pages you can create is limited.
  • Relatively low for the amount of templates available (only 98 templates available) which is less than its competitors

Why did we start using Unbounce?

We were managing multiples of eCommerce business, and have to constantly push out new products for testing.

We were looking for a solution that can help us create large numbers of landing pages efficiently for our products and able to split test and optimize for results.

Numerous members of Facebook groups that we are involved with recommending us to check out Unbounce and that’s how this software captured our attention.

We want to create landing pages fast

Once we come up with campaign ideas, we need to create landing pages quickly, and we don’t want to waste any time to communicate with any web developers.

We needed multiple landing pages for different products, new websites, paid media campaigns and more.

Landing page builders like Unbounce is our solution to create landing pages efficiently without the need of web developers.

We want to split test and optimize fast

Creating a landing page is only the first 10% of our work. Your first landing page design unlikely to generate the best result for your campaigns.

To get the best result and optimize our ROI, you need to conduct split testings and create variations for each landing pages.

If we have to work with web developers for the job, it will end up costing us a fortune and it could take them months to get the job done.

We knew that landing page builders like Unbounce that come with unlimited split testing would be our solution to create and optimize our campaign in a single platform.

Unbounce Review & Walkthrough

How we chose our Landing Pages Templates

An inside look of an example templates.

We identified our template base on our campaign objective which is improving conversion rate for our product sales.

We picked Produkto as a click-through page template to warm up our audience before sending them to our sale page.

The template offer video and review section which help us obtain the trust from our cold audience who has never heard about our brand.

We are living in the social proof era which online review play a significant factor influencing the buying decision of people.

The Produkto templates enable our audience to learn about how our products will benefit them and being comfortable to buy from us.

You can view the full list of templates available from Unbounce here.

How we did Split Testing with Unbounce

Now we have created our first landing page with Unbounce. We quickly duplicated the page and create variation by replacing our video with different product images and slightly adjusting our copy, call to action for split testing.

Creating variants for split testing inside Unbounce

After driving paid traffics into our variants for a week, we found out that our variant with video media outperform other variants for over 14% in click-through rate to our sales page.

We then focus on duplicating that winning landing page and split test different call to action and heading.

Other Notable Features

  • Creating Pop-ups
  • Sticky Bar
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Pixel Perfect Drag & Drop

Creating Popups & Sticky Bars

Creating popups and sticky bars.

You can also create Popups and Sticky Bars by simply drag & drop with Unbounce.

Unbounce popups can be triggers base on arrival, exit, scrolls, and clicks.

You can decide how often your popups to appear in case you worry your popups being annoying to your customers.

Furthermore, you can display or hide offers base on user’s location, past behaviours and referral source to provide tailored popups to increase conversion.

Dynamic Text Replacement

The dynamic text replacement features that unbounce offer in which you can dynamically replace text from your popups to search term that your visitors are using.

One amazing feature that Unbounce support is their Dynamic Test Replacement that let you customize your landing pages, popups and sticky bars base on your visitors’ search terms, location and past behaviours.

Pixel Perfect Drag & Drop

This short video demonstrates the flexibility that Unbounce drag & drop editor offer to its user. You can insert widgets to wherever you want without any constraint.

Look at that amazing flexibility Unbounce offer.

There are many landing page builders claim to provide drag & drop editors. However, most of them require you to use their blocks with a fixed structure before inserting widgets into your pages.

Those editors can get the job done but it requires a longer learning curve to get familiar with especially you are trying to start from scratch rather than using their templates.

The pixel-perfect drag & drop editors of Unbounce make it really a no brainier to create landing pages fast.

How much does it cost?

The 3 pricing plans that unbounce is offering

Unbounce currently offers 3 plans at the moment start from $79 per month to over $399 monthly.

The key difference between each plan is the amount of landing pages, popups and sticky bars you can create with their tool.

You can view their full pricing plans here

Any good deals or discount available?

Unbounce offers 20% off discount with their referral program. You can get 20% off for the first 3 months with our link.

Conclusion of this Unbounce Review

After using Unbounce first hand, we love how user-friendly Unbounce offer. We have used many similar software before and Unbounce by far is the easiest one for us to pick up.

If you are looking for a solution to improve your ROI and conversion rate for your digital marketing campaign, we recommend you to try out Unbounce.

Any better Unbounce Alternatives?

You can read our Comparison of Unbounce, Clickfunnels, Instapage, and Leadpages to pick the best choice for your business.

Limitation of this Unbounce Review

Unbounce has been adding new features and updating their pricing plans constantly over the years. Therefore, this Unbounce Review does not guarantee to provide the latest information about Unbounce.

Does this Unbounce Review clarify your doubt?

If you got any question related to using Unbounce or this Unbounce Review, feel free to leave us a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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