Read this Comparison Review between Instapage, Leadpages, Unbounce and Clickfunnels

Unbounce Vs Instapage Vs Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages

Are you looking for a landing page builders that can skyrocket your ROI of your marketing campaign?

Came across with multiples of landing page optimizers and struggle to pick the best one for your business?

Today, we will go through 4 major competitors in the market: Unbounce, Instapage, Clickfunnels, and Leadpages and see which one has the best suitability to your business.

Short Answer

If you want to go for the most affordable option, you don’t mind spending an extra of two to three hours to learn the software and all you want is making customization base on provided templates.

Go for Leadpages

If you want the most flexible option, a tool that is extremely user-friendly that you can master in no time.

Go for Unbounce (20% off with this link)

Instead of optimizing a single landing page, you are looking for a solution to optimize the entire digital sale process.

Go for Clickfunnels

We do not recommend Instapage because Unbounce is a close substitute of Instapage that has a similar nature, offering more features and being more affordable than Instapage.

What is this Unbounce, Instapage, Clickfunnels and Leadpages Comparison about?

There are many landing page builders in the market, they may seem similar. However, each of them has better suitability toward a specific group of users.

In the Short Answer section, we have given away our conclusion. The latter part of this article will explain the rationale behind our advice and some unique selling points of each of the software.

This comparison will guide you to find out the one that suits you and your business the most.

What makes a great landing page optimizer?

We have asked many digital marketers to see what are the most influential factors for them to decide which landing page builder to use.

And here are the 7 most desirable factors that most small business owners and marketers are looking for.

  • Ability to create landing pages fast
  • Unlimited Split testing features
  • Short Learning curve
  • Great Flexibility
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Detail Performance Tracking
  • Support (Customer support and community support)

What all these software have in common?

All four software able to create landing pages fast, support split testing and analytics for conversion rate optimization purpose.

However, they each possess unique features and design that make them outperform another in the criteria that we mentioned above.

Here is a quick comparison:

Create Landing Pages Fast8/10
-Their Pixel-precise editor allow you to create pages without any constraint.
-However, the editor is single page-oriented and can be inefficient when you are creating multiple pages for your campaign
Same as Unbounce
-Offer templates for entire sale funnel which makes creating multiple pages for your marketing campaign extremely efficient
-e.g. Create Lead capture page + one time offer + thank you page all together
-Similar to Unbounce which is a single page oriented editor.
-However, their editor is not pixel perfect and require you to use their structured block before dragging widgets into pages
Split Testing Ability 7/10
Unlimited Split Testing features however with limited pages base on plan
Same as Unbounce
-They only let you test 2 variations at a time.
-Unless you subscribe their $297 plan, the amount of landing pages you can create is limited
Unlimited A/B testing + Unlimited landing pages
Ease of Use10/10
Pixel-precise editor
Pixel-precise editor
Need to use their pre-made blocks before dragging widgets to the landing page.
Same as Clickfunnels
-Starting from $99/m
-$99/m plan limit to 75 pages.
-$199/m plan limit to 150 pages.
-20% off if bill annually
-Use our link for a further 20% off for first 3 months.
-Starting from $199
($149/m if bill annually)
-30 pages limitation
-Start from $97 to $297 monthly
-$97/m plan limit 100 pages
-297/m plan allow yo to create unlimited pages +unlimited email marketing campaign + more.
-Start from $25 monthly
-Unlimited pages and Visitors for all plans
Basic Analytics Dashboard available and can easily integrate with google analytics and Facebook pixel
The only one that offer
Heatmaps analytics
They help you understand the conversion rate of each single pages in your sale funnel which make it easy for you to identify pages that are under-performing
Same as Clickfunnels
All Plan
-Live Chat
-Live Chat
-Huge Active Facebook Group.
-“Share funnels” feature let users share and clone their pages easily.
-Email support for basic plan
-Phone support for highest plan’s user
Free Trial or Discount?14days Trial + 20% off for first 3 months
20% off if bill annually
14days Trial 14days Trial 14days Trial
Best for?Business owners or marketer who like the most flexible option and the most user-friendly tool that you can pick up in no timeNot RecommendedPerfect tool if you want to optimize for the entire sale journey rather than one single page.
Their $297 provide unlimited features for landing pages, email marketing, webinar and membership site
Low budget user who want to customise and split test landing page base on provided templates and don’t mind the short of flexibility

What makes them stand out from the competition

Here are some noteworthy features of each software that make them unique from another.

Unbounce’s Unique Selling Points

Pixel Perfect Drag & Drop Editors

Pixel perfect drag and drop editors from Unbounce let you drag your text, widgets and other media to any place of your landing page without any constraint.

Unlike Leadpages & Clickfunnels, Unbounce’s pixel-precise Editors let you drag and drop any widgets at any place without any constraint. The other 2 require you to use their fixed block to insert widgets which makes it less user-friendly and lack of flexibility.

Creating Popups & Sticky Bar

You can also create Popups and Sticky bar with Unbounce to engage with your website visitors and improve your conversion rate

You can create Popups & sticky bars the same way you create landing pages with Unbounce which is potentially a good way to engage with your visitors.

Read our detail review of Unbounce here.

Instapage’s Unique Selling Points

Pixel Perfect Drag & Drop Editors

Same as Unbounce, Instapage offer user-friendly and flexible editors for their users.

Heatmaps Analytics

The heatmap analytics from Instapage help you better understanding your website visitors' behavior.

The only landing page optimizer that offers Heatmap analytics to help you better understand your customers’ behavior for improving your pages.

Learn more about Instapage with our Instapage Review.

Clickfunnels’ Unique Selling Points

Most Active Community

Clickfunnels is having the biggest and most passionate group of business minded people to collaborate and share ideas with each other.

Clickfunnels has over 200,000 active members in its Facebook group. It has created a huge and passionate community for like-minded marketers and business owners to share ideas and learn from each other.

Share funnels

The "share funnel" feature of Clickfunnels let you share and clone the entire funnel with a single URL

Another great feature that Clickfunnels offer is their share function that let you share and clone another’s entire funnels with a single link.

If you are a website developer agent, you can create your client’s sale funnels with your own account and share with your client with the Share Funnel features.

This features also facilitate the engagement within the community where members share their funnels with other members who are in need.

Focus on the entire journey rather than a single page

Clickfunnels understand that when it comes to Digital Marketing campaign, it’s never about a single landing page but more about the entire sale funnels.

They connect all the pages that you expect your customers to go through and help you optimize for your end goals and understanding which process of the entire sale process is hindering your success.

Evergreen webinar

Furthermore, their AutoWebinar feature helps you improve engagement, create urgency and increase watch time of your recorded video.

You record the video once, and they turn it into a simulated live webinar.

Membership site

Are you an expert in your field?

Do you want to help your fellow become as successful as you meanwhile make an income from it?

Clickfunnels enables you to create courses and helps you turn your knowledge into an asset that can generate income for you.

Read our detail review of Clickfunnels.

Leadpages’ Unique Selling Points

Leadpages is no doubt the most affordable option out of all four option we discussed in this article.

Most affordable option

Leadpages is offering the most affordable pricing plan which start from $25 to $199 monthly

They offer the most affordable plan than all its competitors which start from $25 monthly.

Furthermore, they do not limit the number of pages you can create and visitors of your pages.

Meanwhile, all the other 3 software has a limitation on the number of landing pages and visitors.

Creating Popups and Sticky Bars

Same as Unbounce, you can create Popups and Alert bars with Leadpages.

Same as Unbounce, Leadpages let you build Popups and Sticky Bar via their drag & drop editor.

Opt-in Text Message

The opt-in text feature can help you collect leads in a physical event efficiently.

A perfect way to collect leads from your events by asking your audience to text a code to your specified number.

For more detail, read our Leadpages Review

Conclusion of this Comparison

In this article, we have walked you through the big 4 competitors in the landing page optimization software market.

We recommend 3 out of 4 bases on your unique needs, and we concluded that there are 3 types of user in this market.

Users who want

  • The most user-friendly and flexible option
  • The most budget-friendly option
  • To optimize for end goals

Limitation of this Instapage Vs Unbounce Vs Leadpages Vs Clickfunnels Comparison

This four software are still in their early-stage development (less than 10 years) and they have been adding more features and modifying their plans on a frequent basis.

Therefore, this comparison may not be providing you the latest update of each software.

Does this Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce and Clickfunnels Review clarified your doubt?

Let us know if you have any question below, and I will get in touch with you soon.

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